A Lesbian Guide to Holiday Grudges


The holidays are in full swing. In fact, we’re right in the thick of it– preparations are being made, money is being spent, and that deeply ingrained sense of doom which occurs every year around this time is rising to the surface: The Grudge Beast is getting ready to unleash. Every Christmas, couples go through a special song-and-dance in their holiday routine. It can be tough to recognize the pattern, but if you do, you can be prepared. Preparation is half the game! If you are a couple like Kim and myself, one of you is an optimist, the other a skeptic. Kim, being the optimist and more in denial of the potential problems, usually asks me to draw up a “worst-case-scenario” of the event we are ready to launch into. The exaggeration of the scene and the expected grudges makes it funny, of course, and we have a big laugh beforehand, seeing it all coming… Click here to read the full article.

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