1. Interview on The Examiner!

    Is your relationship or marriage on the rocks? Are you struggling with your desires for another woman outside of your relationship? Have you or your partner had an affair and you want to save your relationship? Are you struggling to rekindle your sexual desire or attraction for your partner? If...
  2. Writing Together As A Couple

    Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal have co-authored three books in the course of their cross-cultural relationship of twenty-eight years. The authors, who are also relationship experts, continue their pioneering work on women and sex. In their most recent collaboration, Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Sex Forever Kit, they are sharing...
  3. To Tie Or Not To Tie The Knot

    It’s an historic and very interesting time in our current progress for the LGBT’s battle in the freedom to marry.  So, do you tie the knot or not?   HERE is an example of our toolkit suggesting answers to this question:  DO:  Take marriage seriously and realistically.  Be aware that...
  4. Marriage Is No Magic Trick

    With the recent events of same-sex marriage- a quick thought… 1) MARRIAGE AND MAGICAL THINKING   Marriage is not the remedy for couple trouble! But there is a lot of magical and wishful thinking about it: marriage will give you a new start, fix your problems, fulfill your dreams… It’s...
  5. The Progress Train Has Picked Up Speed

    Breaking news and a true testament to the times we are now living in. The future is clear and it is on the side of marriage equality for all.  See the amazing announcement here! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/06/supreme-court-gay-marriage_n_5938854.html
  6. Why A Name Change Made All The Difference

    We changed the name of our book.  Not while we were writing it, not prior to publication, not before anyone had caught sight of the original title and cover.  The book had been out in the world and circulating, physically and electronically, we’d read it from it at public events...
  7. Life’s Long Learning

    Some years ago, when I began to consider myself  an elder,  I became interested  in a doctoral program that gave credit for life-long learning.   I would have to submit a thesis, which could be a book I was intending to write.  And I would have to write some 15 essays describing the particular ways in...
  8. Contemplating A New Endeavor

    Driving back from Rohnert Park, and our conversation with Mel Suhd about writing a new time of doctorate, we passed  through our beloved Northern California landscape, with its small farms and vineyards, the hills  briefly green from the winter rains.  We wondered if it would be possible to come up...
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