A Different Kind of Listening

Interactive and Intuitive Listening. Writing Consultant.

(On- and off-line)

All  concerns and issues,  all  ages, races, ethnicities,  gender orientations with a special sensitivity to women’s identity.

I offer an interactive and intuitive listening for people who seek to know and understand themselves in an emotional, introspective, and supportive environment. My listening has been influenced by more than three decades of study of psychoanalysis, meditation and spirituality.

In my conversations with people I listen for the distinctive language of each person.  Together, I feel, we are at a crossing point into what is not yet known about women’s psyche and, even more broadly, the human psyche. It is an adventure with no guarantees, but with abundant moments of clarity along the way. It is definitely not therapy, in which a person who is ill comes to consult with an expert who provides a diagnosis and a treatment. There are no experts here, no people who are ill, no diagnosis, no treatments. There are two people (and often more) talking together in a deep, focused, collaborative way, about all relevant concerns, including life itself.

Many of these themes are discussed in: The Hungry Self; A Different Kind of Listening; Reinventing Eve

Recently, with the development of Internet technology, I have been working on-line with people, using Skype and/or written exchanges to discuss the issues they might otherwise discuss when in the same room with me. I love this approach; it allows me to talk to people who live at a distance or might prefer more distance than is possible face to face. The written work calls into play aspects of the self that can only become known through the act of writing. I’ve been astonished at how well it works to spontaneously discuss life, personal problems, all sorts of dilemmas, spiritual and otherwise, through the written word, using writing as if it were speech, a thing made in the moment to communicate directly and urgently–what an unusual form of conversation this becomes, breaking down the traditional distinction between writing and talking.

My other serious work is as a writing consultant, helping people embark on, conceptualize, work with and through the problems that arise in the course of a writing project.


My First Year In The Country
Shebooks, 2014
List Price: $2.99

Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit, 2014
List Price: $4.95

Everywhere a Guest, Nowhere at Home
North Atlantic Books, 2009
List Price: $14.95

The Seven Pillars of Jewish Denial: Essays
North Atlantic Books, 2004
List Price: $11.95

The Girl Who Went and Saw and Came Back
EdgeWork Books, 2002.
List Price: $24.95

The Woman Who Gave Birth To Her Mother
Viking-Penguin, New York, 1998
paperback, Viking-Penguin, 1999.
List Price: $23.95 Hardcover.

My Life as a Boy
Algonquin Books, Chapel Hill, May 1997.
List Price: $16.95 for Hardcover.

Cecilia Bartoli: The Passion of Song
(with Renate Stendhal),
Harper Collins, New York, December 1996
paperback Women’s Press, London, 1999.
Hardcovers are first editions.
List Price: $24.95 for Hardcover.

In My Father’s Garden
Algonquin Books, Chapel Hill, August 1996.
List Price: $17.95 for Hardcover.

A Different Kind of Listening: My Psychoanalysis and Its Shadow
Harper Collins, New York, 1995
List Price: $12.00

Crossing the Border: An Erotic Journey
Women’s Press, London, 1994
List Price: limited availability

Sex and Other Sacred Games
(with Renate Stendhal),
Crown/Times Books, New York, 1989
hardcover, Ballantine Books, 1990
List Price: limited availability

Reinventing Eve: Modern Woman in Search of Herself
Times Books, New York, 1987
paperback Harper & Row, New York, 1988;
List Price: $16.95 Hardcover, $13.00 Paperback.

The Flame Bearers: A Novel
Random House, New York, 1986
paperback, Harper & Row, New York, 1987 or
First Perennial Library Edition, Times Books, New York, 1987.
Hardcovers are first editions.
List Price: limited availability

The Hungry Self: Women, Eating and Identity
Times Books, New York, 1985
paperback Harper & Row, New York, 1986
These are first editions.
List Price: Hardcover no longer available, $13.95 Paperback.

In My Mother’s House: A Daughter’s Story
Ticknor & Fields, New York, 1983
newer paperback Virago, London, 1985.
List Price: $14.95 Hardcover, $14.00 Paperback.

The Hunger Song (Poems)
The Menard Press, London, 1982.
List Price: limited availability

The Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness
Harper & Row, 1981
paperback Harper & Row. New York, 1982.
These books are first editions.
List Price: $12.95

There are Five Manuscripts I haven’t yet wanted to Publish.
They are available in my archive at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliff.


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