In My Mother’s House: A Memoir By Kim Chernin


In this twentieth anniversary edition of the feminist classic In My Mother’s House, Kim Chernin tells the brave and ultimately triumphant story of Rose Chernin, Russian immigrant and passionate Old Left activist, and her daughter Kim, the narrator of this riveting memoir of conflict, confrontation, and reconciliation among four generations of Chernin women.

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“A fascinating, rich, beautiful book…A profound portrayal of the ever-changing, deepening relationship between mother, daughter and eventually grand-daughter.:

– Tillie Olsen

“We have this book because Kim Chernin longed to know her mother, “save” an important life, and communicate her to the next generation (as well as the rest of us)…there are stories in this book that I will never forget.”

– Grace Paley

“This brave and thoughtful memoir is an artistic triumph that brings rich characters to life, while quickening the feelings that lie at the heart of every family’s struggle.”

– Newsday

“An extraordinary book; courageous, open-hearted, flooded with light, rich with tortured history, and bathed in nostalgia that is free from any sentimental gauze, but pure and clean.”

– Jonathan Kozol

“Read In My Mother’s House to know what it was like on the Left or as a teenage girl in the fifties, but read it more for its dazzling literary structure, its passionate intelligence, and its ferocious clarity.”

– Louise Bernikow