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Is your relationship or marriage on the rocks? Are you struggling with your desires for another woman outside of your relationship? Have you or your partner had an affair and you want to save your relationship? Are you struggling to rekindle your sexual desire or attraction for your partner?

If you are dealing with any of these issues in your relationship, rWedding-high-reselationship experts Renate Stendhal and Kim Chernin will give you the real scoop on overcoming the potential deal-breakers in your relationship and help you become an even stronger, happier couple. Life partners for over 28 years, Renate and Kim, now married, have been through some major challenges in their relationship–non-monogamy, infidelity, and more.

But after almost three decades of solid commitment and love they are using their experiences to educate lesbians around the world on how to have passionate, loving and secure marriages and relationships. If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is for finding your soul mate, overcoming jealousy, cheating, or recreating your sex life, Renate and Kim are the go-to couple who will give you the essential tools you need to thrive in and outside of the bedroom.

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