Reinventing Eve: Modern Woman In Search of Herself


With Reinventing Eve, Kim Chernin explores her understanding that, when biblical Eve compulsively bites what has been forbidden, she is hungering for “the power of the Mother Goddess…a deity who embodies the possibilities of female self-development…that female creative power all mention of which has been left out of the Genesis story (xvii. Thus, Chernin uses psychological insight to cast Eve as our courageous, feminist progenitor in her extended revision of this Old Testament story.


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“An intriguing study of an issue of ascending import, how women can recreate a female psyche that will effectively challenge and transform traditional patriarchal culture.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Reinventing Eve has the kind of integrity that’s unmistakable. Chernin clearly wrote the book from her gut.”

– San Francisco Chronicle

“This is a book that philosophers, feminists and religious leaders will find full of valuable insights. Like Susan Griffin…Marilyn French and Carol Christ, Chernin’s writings about women’s history and culture place feminist theory into a larger context.”

– Kirkus Review